Strawberry Förlag ger ut min biografi

Sååå glad!! 😃🥂🎉💃 Strawberry Publishing kommer att ge ut min biografi! 👍 Kunde inte ha ett bättre förlag och framför allt… kunde inte ha en bättre förläggare än Anders Sjöqvist 🙌 TACK Strawberry och Anders!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 @anderssjoqvist @strawberryforlag @strawberrypublishing #biografi #autobiography #book #bok #förlag #lindalampenius


Att skriva om mig själv… Rätt så ofta har det känts absurt, men det har varit intressant att se objektivt på allt som skett och framförallt ur ”Lilla Lindas” perspektiv. Mitt öga skall få vila en dag till.Sedan avslutar jag boken om mina olika liv, som tidvis varit parallella liv.

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50 coming up

In February I’ll turn 50! 💃🏻🥂💋🎉 I’ve almost never celebrated my birthdays (except as a kid). Now I’ve decided to change that ”boring behaviour” 😘I’ll go back to LA… this time with my husband ❤️ We will visit all places that became special to me when I lived there and we will spend time with Alison Reynolds 😍❤️ and Joel Berliner 😍❤️ Alison introduced me to her dear and very close friend Hugh Hefner. Hef was like a father to me. Bedroom nr 3 (Marston’s and Cooper’s room) was always available for me. Well, the rest is history… I ended up on the cover of Playboy and on all the biggest TV channels and shows. I even got the part as ”Ariana” on Baywatch. I got to know all the people who were part of Hef’s ”Playboy Family” and I met some of the biggest movie stars at the Mansion. I had so much fun during those years in LA!!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

I feel blessed and thankful 🙌🙏🏻 .

This time we will stay at @sunsetmarquis and @graftononsunset We will also ”do Vegas” and visit Grand Canyon. Can’t wait… I wish I turned 50 tomorrow… 🌸🌸🌸


By the way, I will soon be done with my autobiography… Then you’ll get the whole LA story… 👍⭐️😃 My name was Linda Brava back then. I filmed my life almost daily with a digital video camera 1997-2005. I took many pictures and wrote down everything that happened in my diaries. I can and I will prove that Hef was one of the greatest gentlemen and most hospitable people on earth. I spent so many days and nights at the Mansion 1997, 1998 and 1999 that I would have noticed if any of Holly Madison’s accusations (re Hef’s behaviour) were true. I don’t believe her. At all.

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Kohtelias suomalainen

”Kohtelias Suomalainen” 🤫🇫🇮☺️🇫🇮😂 Kiitos Joonas mielettömän hauskasta rupattelutuokiosta!! 🙌😃 #ujosuomalainen #suomi #finland #roryjohnston kohteliassuomalainen #joonashytönen #lindalampenius #interview #tv #ilovefinland Kiitos Jukka Hahto-reini että lähetit haastattelun minulle 🙏🏻🙏🏻