Livestream with Michael Mc.Glynn, Isaac S. Cates and Linda Lampenius The livestream last night gave us all much to ponder. The situation in the USA 😢 Gospel. Feelings and colours in music. Soloists vs ensemble musicians. What’s an artists mission actually? We should always serve the composer, the audience and the music. It was amazing listening to Isaac 🙌 Thank you Michael andFortsätt läsa ”Livestream with Michael Mc.Glynn, Isaac S. Cates and Linda Lampenius”

Bonnier Strawberry Bonnier

Bonnier…Strawberry…Bonnier… Jag följer dig till världens ände 😉👍. . .Repost @anderssjoqvist ・・・Strawberry Förlag blir en del av Bonnier Books. Nya tider – nya utmaningar! Är väldigt glad att vi fortsätter på vår utstakade väg med våra fantastiska författare! 🍓#strawberryförlag @strawberryforlag

Masked Singer

Wow!!! Kiitos että sain olla mukana! Mikä kokemus! Olen pelännyt laulamista ihan jumalattomasti, vaikka vanhempani olivat sekä näyttelijöitä että laulajia. Esiinnyin laulaen vanhempieni kanssa kun olin 3-11 vuotias, mutten koskaan sen jälkeen. Lähdin mukaan Masked Singer kilpailuun vaikka inhosin ääntäni, koska Anne Wahlström pyysi minua. Anne ja minä olimme työskennelleet yhdessä kun olin Pertti PasasenFortsätt läsa ”Masked Singer”

Strawberry Förlag ger ut min biografi

Sååå glad!! 😃🥂🎉💃 Strawberry Publishing kommer att ge ut min biografi! 👍 Kunde inte ha ett bättre förlag och framför allt… kunde inte ha en bättre förläggare än Anders Sjöqvist 🙌 TACK Strawberry och Anders!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 @anderssjoqvist @strawberryforlag @strawberrypublishing #biografi #autobiography #book #bok #förlag #lindalampenius

50 coming up

In February I’ll turn 50! 💃🏻🥂💋🎉 I’ve almost never celebrated my birthdays (except as a kid). Now I’ve decided to change that ”boring behaviour” 😘I’ll go back to LA… this time with my husband ❤️ We will visit all places that became special to me when I lived there and we will spend time withFortsätt läsa ”50 coming up”

Linda Lampenius Brava on Eurotrash

This was the way the super popular TV-show ”Eurotrash” (Jean-Paul Gaultier) introduced me to Europe in 1997… I was the spokesperson for Björn Borg and that was a character I did at the fashion shows. It was SO MUCH FUN!! I was a classical artist all the time. These fashion shows and photo shoots wereFortsätt läsa ”Linda Lampenius Brava on Eurotrash”

Linda Lampenius and John Lenehan playing Elgar Salut d’Amour

Last night in Stockholm 🎻❤️ #johnlenehan on piano backing track 🙏 Sitting down because of ankle surgery. #elgar #salutdamour #violin #piano #crutches #aircast #classicalmusic #performance #birthday #party #lindalampenius #violinist #classicalmusic Tack @andreasehmke för filmen 🙏

Performing for President Martti Ahtisaari in New York, 1997

”Linda Lampenius hullaannutti miljonäärit raikuviin aplodeihin” ”-Minulla on hyvin isänmaallinen ja herkkä olo” Linda hymyili esityksen jälkeen. Presidentti Martti Ahtisaari ja Rouva Ahtisaari seurasivat tyytyväisinä suomalaisen viulusensaation menestystä. Jorma Lindfors (iltasanomat) #profinland #förfinland #newyork #ny #usa #americanscandinavianfoundation @scanhouse #president #presidentti #marttiahtisaari #jormaollila @iltasanomat #iltasanomat #violinist #violin #concert #lindalampenius #lindabrava #finland100 #suomi100 @finlandstockholm

Saara Aalto and Linda Lampenius

I play the violin parts on 4 tracks on Saara Aalto’s album ”Enkeleitä – Angels”. Saara truly sings like an angel 👼🏻💕🎶 Here’s ”Walking in the Air” @saaraaalto #saaraaalto #finnishsinger #finland #suomi #angels #enkeleitä #walkingintheair #singer #xfactor #xfactoruk #violin #violinist #lindalampenius #lindabrava #spotify

Hugh Hefner and Gene Simmons talking about Linda Lampenius Brava

😍 Hef talking about me at the Playboy Mansion (the launch of my Playboy issue) and Gene Simmons telling the reporter that KISS wanted me to open for their concert in Finland, but I was already booked for another performance. Those were great times in LA and especially at the Mansion!!! Thanx Hef! ❤️🙏❤️ THANKFortsätt läsa ”Hugh Hefner and Gene Simmons talking about Linda Lampenius Brava”

Missing Hugh Hefner

Hef became a father figure to me when I lived in USA. He made me one of Playboy’s legendary Celebrity Covergirls (April 1998). Hef’s kindness and hospitality was overwhelming. He was a true Gentleman. I spent a few evenings&nights weekly at the Playboy Mansion during 1997, 1998 and 1999. I got my ”own” room, ”BedroomFortsätt läsa ”Missing Hugh Hefner”

My Playboy cover

I’m tired of getting ”Don’t you regret shooting for Playboy?”… Hell NO!!!  I was NOT a Playmate. Here are some other celebs on Playboy…