Heimo Haitto and Seppo Heikinheimo

This letter from Heimo and Eva Haitto means the world to me. Heimo Haitto is by far the most brilliant and talented Finnish violinist ever! He was called ”Finland’s Jascha Heifetz”. Heimo and Eva wrote this letter to me in 1997 when I had started playing some pop-music along my real career/passion (classical violinist) and some Finnish people couldn’t handle that. Heimo and Eva told me that they supported me and they thought it was great that I kept my pop-songs separate from my classical music. That way I could show both my ”trump cards”, classical violinist / pop artist (according to them)

I feel very honoured 🙏❤️ I also got grate feedback (re me as a classical violinist) from Finland’s toughest critic of classical concerts/artists, Seppo Heikinheimo. He invited me for lunch at Lehtovaara 3 months before he died and told me how good he tought I was. He adviced me to stay exactly the person I was and told me not to ever leave my classical career. In my book (will be released next year) I will tell the whole story…

And to you Finns who attacked and criticized me back in the days:

I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!! #violinist #violin #legend #heimohaitto #sibelius #violinconcerto #paganini #finlandsjaschaheifetz #classicalmusic #music #musician #magical #critic #seppoheikinheimo @bokforlagetforum #lindalampenius